We want to Pray for you.

Please Tell us how to pray for you.  Prayer Request


Asking for Prayers for Nolan Stevenson & family: Nolan (Age 6) was in a 4×4 accident and is in Iowa City for surgery and recovery. Justine, Nolan’s mom, is specifically asking for healing of the left leg – which was nearly severed in the 4×4 accident, April 9th.  Since surgery – there is circulation coming back and nerves are reattaching.  He is still in ICU – U of I hospitals.  The family has a strong faith – and they are grateful for all prayers and God’s healing…. Shared by Portia

Please pray that my family sees the truth and gets away from a church and pastor in NC who teaches false doctrine, twists the bible for his benefit, appears to be a dictator or is brainwashing people. I know this is long, but it includes specifics for things that need prayer. I am genuinely concerned for my family because I believe this may be forming into a cult. He preaches that families of people who attend his church will be against them. He tells them to stay connected to the cart and co …shared anonymously

I seek to confess my thoughts and actions. I seek a sound mind. I also have a potential job opportunity and I am reaching out to a state director to help me and check on the job. I want to acknowledge God in this. I seek His guidance, direction, and wisdom and I seek peace and contentment with a potential move for the family and everyone involved as well as contentment with the salary…..Ben

My mind is tormented. I am very badly tormented. I was once involved with spirits and Wicca and it has not been the same since. I confess what I have done along with anger, jealous bitterness, selfishness, deceit, and vanity. It has been scary. I seek prayers for a no more fear and anxiety and a peaceful and sound mind and I seek prayers for deliverance. …Ben

I seek confession and help with deceit. I seek confession for lying, manipulating, spinning things, including things that happened at work, and exaggerating when promoting. I do not want any of this in multiple life. It is such a challenge and I seek prayers….Ben

Please pray for my family. We were just told today that we need to find a new place to rent by the 6th of March. Being forced to move last minute with 3 young children and a dog is going to be very challenging. I have no idea where we will find a suitable home so last minute. Please pray for us to not lose faith in God despite the challenges that we are currently facing. Please also pray that we will find a safe environment to move to for our family. Thank you very much…. Lulu

Prayer Rev Leigh’s mothers health which is failing…Prayer for Lloyd deliverance. Prayer for the United States House of Representatives, Congress, and The President of the United States. Prayer for Delores who has Covid. Prayer for Mercedes Samantha and Paytin favor and blessings. Prayer for Malachi’s self esteem blessings and deliverance. Prayer for Lloyd Deliverance. Prayer for Darlene Teresa and Shirley. Prayer for Rashard   David   Ali   Marshae and children. Prayer for William …Art

for Alina to be set free from all dark spirits, spirits of abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, fear, all dark spirits and principalities and for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit strongly and the whole her life and for Jesus Christ Will to be done in her life in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen for her to be in the Will of Jesus Christ in her life and for her to accomplish everything Jesus Christ has for her and for her to follow His Will always  ..Zlata

I seek prayers for pride, bitterness, and my thought life. It is such a challenge. I want to trust and be focused on God. I want to not have anxiety and have a strong reliance on Him instead. I want my thoughts to align with the Word of God. I seek prayers for all of this…..Shared by Ben

Please pray for the healing of Denise who is suffering greatly from nerve damage all throughout her body….Shared Anonymously

Please pray for my husband Gene & his adult daughter Melissa that the Lord send a miracle into their relationship now & that God grant them repentance leading to knowledge of the truth & they may come to their senses according to Timothy 2:24…..Jenn L

Asking for prayer….from my sister. My youngest sister’s (Becky) young two grand boys were swinging from a tire swing and branch broke and fell onto boys. At ER now. Oliver has a cracked skull. Being airlifted to Children’s Hospital in the cities. No internal bleeding but some blood out of ear. Gibson has bruises but that’s all. The mother is mending from lung surgery. Prayer for healing, courage, and a surrounding of love. Shared by…John Rathbun

Please pray for me, I’m battling with hopelessness, sickness and depression. Pray that God gives me breakthrough and helps me to be a hard worker and help me do well on my current project. Pray that God would heal my body and put the right people in my life. Finally pray that God would give me supernatural peace and strength……Shared Anonymously

I am feeling deep sadness for children who may not be taken care of properly or abused by their parents. Would you pray for parents to have the knowledge and take care of their children to meet their needs as children? Would you also pray for women to empower themselves with knowledge so that they may choose life?….Shared Anonymously

Salvation for my husband Eric. May God soften his heart to have a deep love and personal relationship with Jesus. May he be delivered by any bitterness and darkness. That he will give his life to Christ and be baptized in the Holy Spirit..… Shared Anonymously

1) Pray for the church world-wide and for health & protection for all the families. 2) Pray for Devin & Rose for health & protection….Shared from Chadwick

Continued prayers for our dear friend Sharie’s health worries!! ..Shared Anonymously

Pray for the community of Fairfield, State of Iowa, United States of America, and our world…Shared Anonymously

Please, pray for Jason and his family’s salvation, for contentment in Jesus. Jason doesn’t believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction and my family to be unified. Thank you!…Shared Anonymously

I need prayers to meet the life partner God has hand picked for me. I also need prayers for progress in career as a lawyer, and for the successful completion of my master’s thesis….Shared Anonymously