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The Prayer Course

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Gender: Open to All


If you are not a part of a small group, you are encouraged to call the office and join one of our many small groups. We meet at different times during the week, so you are sure to find one that meets your schedule. We will kick-off our Prayer course small group series next Sunday, September 13th, with our Home Groups starting off that week. This 8-week “journey through the Lord’s Prayer,” will help us all become more fluent in our “person to God” conversation. The books are in and are available for you to pick-up today. The Church is providing the books, but if you’d like to cover the cost of yours, and defray the cost to the church, it’ll be $ 12.00. You can just add it to your offering.   For more information on the Series go to  www.prayercourse.org

This is the first Video for the first Session:  https://youtu.be/eO1WIawSAkQ

This is Week 2 of our Series going through the Course on Prayer that Jesus gave his disciples when they asked him to “Teach [us] to pray.”

Week 2 video and other material for this week’s session: https://prayercourse.org/session/adoration/

Week 3 video talking about “Petition”, or “asking” in prayer: https://youtu.be/qSRIuPF32jQ

Week 4 video talking about “Intercession” https://youtu.be/GuU2cZ5uCfA

Week 5 video talking about “Unanswered Prayer” https://youtu.be/QjrZ6wCS2eM 

Week 6: Contemplation  https://youtu.be/9ckvmhz_6FQ

Week 7: Listening  https://youtu.be/1aHA1yj8E2g