May 14, 2020

On Tuesday night our Council met and decided that the best time to reopen for worship and other
activities in the building will be Sunday, June 7th. There are a variety of perspectives and
opinions on the wisest course of action, but we came to this date by consensus after prayer and
consideration. We’re all looking forward to reuniting as a church family! We can’t wait!
We also talked about the procedures we’ll put in place when we do regather in order to mitigate
against possible spread. We’ll have rows of seating blocked off and will space people by
families so that we’re not too close. We’ll open up seating in the narthex and Fellowship Hall,
just in case it’s needed to allow us to be distanced properly. Margaret Stephens and Lorri Deeke
have been making additional masks to have on hand just in case someone doesn’t have one, but
would like one, though we won’t require people to wear one. We’ll also make sure that door
handles, restrooms, and other surfaces are wiped down frequently. And we’ll be considering
changes in the way we share our offerings and our communion elements.
There will be other measures as well, and we’ll post those in a separate email as we come closer
to our re-opening date. I mention these just so you know we’ll be doing our best to put wise
practices in place so that, hopefully, as many as possible will feel comfortable in returning. Still,
we would caution those who are elderly or have conditions that might compromise your health to
consider carefully before returning.
In the meantime we’re doing our best to provide an opportunity to worship “together” through the
Facebook livestream, (and to have those services available to view later on YouTube. We have
links to each week’s services on our website. We’ve also been sharing in
togetherness through the encouraging personal videos that have been posted on
Facebook. There are links to these on our website, as well. Thanks, to all who have shared, and
we welcome others to send in a message of what God is doing in your life during this pandemic
Our connections through social media have allowed us to connect with friends and family near
and far, and to touch people in our own community who hadn’t connected with us
before. Between April 10th and May 7th, we reached 4382 people on Facebook, and had 6436
post engagements! Let’s pray that this whole experience will actually work to bring more people
to Christ.
I’m amazed at the faithfulness of each of you as I hear of the steps you have been taking in your
personal walk with God, to maintain your relationship with him through this difficult time. I
hear from many of you, though, that you are hungry for fellowship. We were designed to be in
fellowship with one another, so it’s no wonder we long for it. This longing demonstrates to us
the need to be connected to a faithful church family. Our absence, we find, makes our hearts
grow fonder.
I’m also amazed at your faithfulness in giving. In spite of the uncertainties, you’re demonstrating
your trust in the Father. Thank you!
Continue to spend time with Him in prayer. Continue to read His word. Continue to love one
another. Continue to trust and obey. And lets look forward to a great celebration of Life when
we can all get together, again!
With you, in Christ,
– Pastor John