Sunday Morning Worship Service:

Procedures are in place to reduce the possible spread of the Coronavirus. We have rows of seating blocked off and will space people by families so that we are not too close. We have seating in the narthex and Fellowship Hall just in case it’s needed to allow us to be distanced properly. Margaret Stephens and Lorri Deeke have been making additional masks to have on hand just in case someone does not have one.

       Since our reopening in May we have limited the amount of seating in our sanctuary blocking off every other row of pews so as to provide for appropriate social distancing.

       We’ve discontinued the passing of offering and communion plates.

       We’ve provided ample hand sanitizer stations.

       We’ve stepped up our sanitizing of surfaces and the frequency of cleaning.

       We’ve discontinued much of our in person teaching and fellowship opportunities for all ages.

       Last month, as we saw a decline of cases around us, we have lifted the masks requirement while in the church building during Sunday morning activities and worship, although we still encourage you to continue to wear one if you so desire.

We are also making sure that door handles, restrooms, and other surfaces are wiped down frequently. And we have made changes in the way we share our offerings and our communion elements. There will be other measures as well,  I mention these just so you know we’ll be doing our best to put wise practices in place so that, hopefully, as many as possible will feel comfortable in attending. Still, we would caution those who are elderly or have conditions that might compromise your health to consider carefully before attending.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to provide an opportunity to worship “together” through the Facebook livestream, (and to have those services available to view later on our website). We have links to each week’s services on our website. We have also been sharing in togetherness through the encouraging personal videos that have been posted on Facebook. There are links to these on our website, as well. Thanks, to all who have shared, and we welcome others to send in a message of what God is doing in your life during this pandemic