Recommendations for combating the Coronavirus have become more severe in the last 24 hours.  Both our Federal and State governing leaders are recommending extreme measures to try to knock down this threat.  After talking with many of you, other pastors, and going to the Father himself, I’ve decided to follow the guidelines and cancel our Sunday Morning gatherings, both Sunday School and Worship.

We’re planning to go ahead and provide a Worship experience through Facebook Live, though.  We’ll have the Praise Team lead some songs and I’ll provide the message, all from the church building, starting at 10:15.  We want to do this to provide as much normalcy as possible in a very abnormal time of life.  You can tune into that worship time by clicking on this link:

Other ministries, instead of slowing down, are actually ramping up.  “Social Distancing” is almost contrary to the very nature of doing life-together as a Church Family, so we’re finding fresh ways to serve and connect with each other.  Some families gathered at SunnyBrook so residents could watch them draw chalk-art on the sidewalks outside their windows.  Some of our small groups continue to gather in one form or another.  Lee Muntz and I drove through McDonald’s and had a Micro-group brunch back at the church.  And one of our couples has provided flowers to all the nursing home residents in Fairfield for the next several weeks. So while we’re not all together on Sunday mornings we’ve not stopped being the Church.

Those who want to maintain their giving can bring their offering in to the office Mon. – Fri. mornings between 8 – noon, or they can mail it to the church, (205 W. Broadway,) or we can give online by clicking on the “give” tab on our website.

We’re not cancelling the service out of fear or a lack of faith.  We’re cancelling to honor the recommendations of our governing authorities as Paul encourages us to do in Romans 13.  (I encourage you to read that chapter.)  And we’re cancelling in order to help protect those who are susceptible to the worst effects of the illness.  This is a temporary inconvenience we can make out of love for others.

Our position on our Life Groups is to leave it up to each group as to whether they will meet together.  My hope is that we will find creative ways to meet and share life, even if it means only two or three at a time, or picking up the phone, texting, or connecting on social media.

We’ll ramp up our services again when the guidelines are lifted.  In the meantime I want to encourage you to continue to be contagious…in a positive way, by being Contagious Christ-Carriers, Contagious Kindness-Bearers and Contagious Joy-Sharers.  As Jesus lives his life out through us he can have a profound effect on our community, especially in distressing and dark times.

As a church we’re looking for avenues through which we can serve the needs of our friends and neighbors.  We’ll provide more information, soon, so you can see ways that you can be a part of those efforts. Keep finding creative ways to meet together and I think we should try to remember to support our local businesses where we can.  Most restaurants closed except for drive-thru and carry-out.  Grab somebody, get take-out and go eat it at the park.  😊

We may just end up being more flexible and effective in allowing Christ to shine as a result of this difficulty.

The sun will rise, the rain will fall, the flowers will come up and the Father is on his throne.

Trusting Him,

Pastor John