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Chris Paul, Pastor of Youth and Christian Education

Chris Paul began his ministry at Fairfield First Baptist Church in August 2006. Here is a personal message from Chris:

Hello! I grew up in Morrison, Illinois which is about 3 hours west of Chicago. I was very active in sports participating in baseball, basketball, and track with baseball being my favorite. In fact, my youth work began through sports in coaching baseball and basketball teams while working in Washington D.C..

The Lord saved me in 1984. Immediately my time with youth went from teaching them how to hit a curve ball or to hit a jump shot, to how to know Jesus Christ. Besides sports, music has played a big role in my life. I grew up in a musical home with my mom being a piano teacher. The piano was my instrument until my first year of college when I took guitar lessons. Guitar is now my main instrument. I write praise and worship songs and have recorded two CD’s of my material.

Music is a key ingredient in my ministry with youth. Many students are involved in some way, be it singing, playing an instrument, to doing the sound set up. Those not musically inclined have other opportunities where they can be involved.

Before coming to Fairfield I was the Director of Junior High Ministries and led the youth praise team at First Baptist Church in Sycamore, Illinois. Prior to that I served in many aspects of the youth ministry at Grace Church of DuPage in Warrenville, Illinois. While ministering at those churches I also had tent making positions with several Christian organizations including Youth For Christ, Chapel of the Air (Mainstay Church Resources - a radio/TV ministry), Evangelical Training Association, and Pioneer Clubs. I have a Bible Studies Certificate from Moody Bible Institute and a B.Min. degree in Youth Ministry from Freedom Bible College.

I am very excited about the Lord calling me here to First Baptist Church in Fairfield. I give thanks to the Lord for all that He is already doing in Fairfield and I look forward to all that He will be doing in the days to come. Praise the Lord!

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