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Our History

   1839-  Baptist Families moved into the territory. - Before it was a state or had counties.    1840-  Organized a Baptist church

   1844-  Officially chartered, “First Baptist Church”, has first Pastor

   1865-  At end of Civil War,  bought a lot two blocks west of the town square & built a              small chapel. Has been the site of worship ever since.

   1877-  Built a larger church building.

   1889-  Just 11 years later this building burned to the ground. It was the High

             School age youth who 2 days later began a campaign to rebuild their church.              And it was done one year later a new church building was dedicated,              completely debt-free. (1890)

   1991-  Stayed in use. Oldest church building in continuous use in Fairfield.

   1992-  New Sanctuary was completed

  Community Ministry

   1932-  Began a soup kitchen to provide a daily meal to the community. Called the              Good Will Kitchen. Served meals for 2 years.

   1971-  A Community Child Care Center was begun. Was at church for 13 years,   moved              out into its own building.

   1973-  When TENCO began a workshop for handicapped adults. It was housed at              the First Baptist Church for a year or two.



"I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church ; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.

Matthew 16:18