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Be Not Afraid Children's Books

Be Not Afraid Children’s Stories began through one person's simple wish.  During a personal medical journey, they discovered a new heart-wrenching awareness.  

Many children wrestle with medical fears and many medical unknowns. If adults find this journey frightening, how fearful must our children feel?                      

Thereby, this 2013 children's series is being created through a special partnership within the Fairfield Iowa community. Together, the Jefferson County Health Center, First Baptist Church & our community children proclaimed to write, illustrate, photograph and publish encouraging and loving stories for our hospital children.

It is our community's intent to reinforce the importance of faith, confidence and courage...not just during a medical challenge...but at all times.

Together in love and in faith, we can....Be Not Afraid.


Children’s Books... created to celebrate a

wise, loving, faithful,

Ozzie CD.pdf

Psalm 56:3

When I am afraid,

I put my trust in you.

LifeOnTheFarm CD.pdf

We are taking orders now. Each book is $10 and each book purchased will also supply one book for a Jefferson County Health Center child and family.  

100% of the donations given to the Be Not Afraid Children’s books will go towards the purchase of JCHC children books.  For questions or orders – please contact the church office 641-472-5205.

First Baptist Church,

205 West Broadway,

Fairfield IA 52556


Be Not Afraid books in the news!

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Preview ‘Life on the Farm’ Here

Preview ‘Ozzie and his Brave Amen’ Here

Books currently available for order are:

Ozzie and his Brave Amen’ and ‘Life on the Farm’